Styled Shoot Inquiry

Due to the high amount of requests we receive for styled shoots, we have created a form to submit if you are an industry professional who is hoping to borrow an esteemed Renee Austin gown for your next photoshoot. We love being a part of these photoshoots and try to collaborate with other industry professionals as much as we’re able!


Our gowns are our biggest and most beautiful investments, and we request you take care of them as if they were your own. That means: carrying trains when walking to avoid snags and stains, being cautious not to get makeup on the dress, and not using locations where it could easily get damaged or dirty (ex: muddy grass, on the beach/in water, etc.).


We ask that your model attends a fitting in our shop prior to the shoot to ensure that the gown fits properly. We reserve the right to deny a photo shoot if the dress does not fit the model the way that best shows off the quality and beauty of the gown. Our sample gowns range from size 6 to 22. Our dresses typically fit models who range between 5’7” to 6’ in height. We request that the dress does not drag on the floor for the photoshoot, so if your model is between 5’6” - 5’7”, please make sure they are prepared with the correct heel height for the gown.


A $200 fee is due for the first gown rental, and a $100 additional fee is charged for each gown borrowed after. This fee covers borrowing the gowns only. Additional fees for cleaning and repairs will still apply based on the condition items are returned. We hold a card on file in case any additional fees incur after the photoshoot.


The dress(es) must return to Renee Austin Wedding in the same condition that it/they left, or the borrower will be responsible for all cleaning costs and/or repair charges up to the full retail cost of the gown. Dresses borrowed must also be returned on the date agreed upon at pick-up or the borrower is responsible for the full retail amount of the gown.


Our only other request is that credit is given in any social media post, including the gown! We love seeing these beautiful photos and sharing them on our own social media as well!


Submit Your Request


 Please note - this submission is a request only. We will be in touch if your inquiry gets approved.